Benefits of Using a Beverage Doctor ph meter for Accurate pH Measurement in Beverages

When it comes to producing high-quality beverages, accurate pH measurement is crucial. The pH level of a beverage can greatly impact its taste, appearance, and shelf life. To ensure that your beverages are consistently of the highest quality, it is essential to invest in a reliable ph meter. One such device that has gained popularity in the beverage industry is the Beverage Doctor ph meter.

The Beverage Doctor ph meter is specifically designed for the beverage industry, making it the perfect tool for measuring the pH of a wide range of beverages, including juices, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages. This specialized ph meter is equipped with features that make it easy to use and provide accurate results every time.

One of the key benefits of using a Beverage Doctor ph meter is its accuracy. The device is calibrated to provide precise pH measurements, ensuring that you can trust the results it provides. This level of accuracy is essential for ensuring that your beverages meet the desired pH levels for optimal taste and quality.

In addition to its accuracy, the Beverage Doctor ph meter is also user-friendly. The device is designed with a simple interface that makes it easy to operate, even for those who are not familiar with pH meters. This ease of use allows for quick and efficient pH measurements, saving you time and ensuring that you can easily monitor the pH levels of your beverages.

Another advantage of using a Beverage Doctor ph meter is its durability. The device is built to withstand the rigors of the beverage industry, making it a reliable tool for daily use. Its sturdy construction ensures that it can withstand the demands of a busy production environment, providing you with a long-lasting ph meter that you can rely on for years to come.


Furthermore, the Beverage Doctor ph meter is equipped with features that enhance its functionality. The device is designed with a built-in temperature sensor, allowing you to compensate for temperature variations when measuring pH. This feature ensures that you get accurate pH measurements regardless of the temperature of the beverage being tested.

Model pH/ORP-3500 pH/orp meter
Range pH:0.00~14.00 ; ORP: (-2000~+2000)mV; Temp.:(0.0~99.9)°C (Temp.Compensation: NTC10K)
Resolution pH:0.01 ; ORP: 1mV; Temp.:0.1°C
Accuracy pH:+/-0.1 ; ORP: +/-5mV(electronic unit); Temp.: +/-0.5°C
Temp. compensation Range: (0~120)°C; element: Pt1000
Buffer Solution 9.18; 6.86; 4.01; 10.00; 7.00; 4.00
Medium Temp. (0~50)°C (with 25°C as standard) manual/automatic temp. compensation for selection
Analog output Isolated one Channel(4~20)mA, Instrument/Transmitter for selection
Control Output Double relay output (single contact ON/OFF)
Working Environment Temp.(0~50)℃; relative humidity <95%RH (non-condensing)
Storage Environment Temp.(-20~60)℃;Relative Humidity ≤85%RH (none condensation)
Power Supply DC 24V; AC 110V; AC220V
Power consumption <3W
Dimension 48mmx96mmx80mm(HxWxD)
Hole Size 44mmx92mm(HxW)
Installation Panel mounted, fast installation

Additionally, the Beverage Doctor ph meter is equipped with a digital display that makes it easy to read and interpret pH measurements. The device also has a hold function that allows you to freeze the display reading, making it easier to record results accurately. These features make the Beverage Doctor ph meter a versatile tool that can be used for a wide range of applications in the beverage industry.

model pH/ORP-5500 series pH/ORP online transmitting controller
Measurement range pH 0.00~14.00
ORP -2000mV~2000mV
Temp. ( 0.0~50.0)℃  (temperature compensation component:NTC10K)
Resolution pH 0.01
Temp. 0.1℃
accuracy pH 0.1
ORP ±5mV(electronic unit)
Temp. ±0.5℃
Approximate input impedance 3×1011Ω
Buffer solution pH value: 10.00;9.18;7.00;6.86;4.01;4.00
Temp. compensation range (0~50)℃(with 25℃ as standard)Manual and automatic temperature compensation
(4~20)mA characteristics Isolated,fully adjustable,reverible,instrument/transmitter for selection
Loop resistance 500Ω(Max),DC 24V
accuracy ±0.1mA
Control contact Electrical contacts Double relay SPST-NO,return model
Loop capacity AC 220V/AC 110V 2A(Max);DC 24V 2A(Max)
Power consumption <3W
Working environment temperature (0~50)℃
humidity ≤85%RH(none condensation)
Storage environment Temp.(-20-60) ℃;relative humidity:≤85%RH(none condensation
Outline dimension 96mm×96mm×105mm(H×W×D)
Hole dimension 91mm×91mm(H×W)
installation Panel mounted,fast installation

In conclusion, the Beverage Doctor ph meter is a valuable tool for ensuring accurate pH measurement in beverages. Its accuracy, user-friendly design, durability, and additional features make it a reliable choice for beverage producers looking to maintain the quality of their products. By investing in a Beverage Doctor ph meter, you can ensure that your beverages consistently meet the desired pH levels, resulting in high-quality products that will satisfy your customers.

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