Benefits of Using a Lutron dissolved oxygen meter in Aquaculture Operations

Aquaculture operations rely heavily on maintaining optimal water quality to ensure the health and growth of aquatic organisms. One crucial parameter that needs to be monitored in aquaculture systems is the level of dissolved oxygen in the water. Dissolved oxygen is essential for the survival of fish, shrimp, and other aquatic species as it is necessary for respiration. Inadequate levels of dissolved oxygen can lead to stress, reduced growth rates, and even mortality in aquaculture systems.


Product Model MFC-8800
Communication port The uplink slave channel Modbus RTU protocol RS485 port is connected with DTU and DCS
Downlink master channel RS485 port of Modbus RTU protocol is connected with data acquisition terminal
4~20mA output 1 channel two-wire type  Maximum loop resistance 400Ω
4~20mA Input  2 channel channel two-wire type( initiative feed)
DI Input                  2channels Photoelectric isolation logic switch
DO Output 3 channels relay 1 SPDT  AC220V; 3A(MAX)
(only for drive signal) 2 SPST  AC220V; 3A(MAX)
1channel  Photoelectric switch    Proportional pulse/frequency
 Load capacity:100mA/DC30V
 Data acquisition Data acquisition collection,with 3 channels DC24V sensor power supply  
Display mode 3.5”(or 4”)colorful LCD touch screen
Power supply Wide power range :(12-24)V
Consumption <5W
Environment requirements Environment temp:(5~45)℃;  relative humidity:≤90%。
Hole dimension (91×91)mm hole dimension;panel dimension(100*100)mm

To accurately measure dissolved oxygen levels in aquaculture operations, a reliable and accurate dissolved oxygen meter is essential. One such instrument that is widely used in aquaculture operations is the Lutron dissolved oxygen meter. This advanced device offers a range of benefits that make it an indispensable tool for aquaculture professionals.

One of the key benefits of using a Lutron dissolved oxygen meter is its accuracy. The device is designed to provide precise and reliable measurements of dissolved oxygen levels in water, ensuring that aquaculture operators can make informed decisions about water quality management. Accurate measurements are crucial for maintaining optimal conditions for aquatic organisms and preventing potential health issues.

Model CCT-3300 Series Conductivity Online Controller
Constant 0.01cm-1, 0.1 cm-1, 1.0cm-1, 10.0 cm-1
Conductivity (0.5~20)mS/cm,(0.5~2,000)uS/cm, (0.5~200)uS/cm, (0.05~18.25)MQ·cm
TDS (250~10,000)ppm, (0.5~1,000)ppm, (0.25~100)ppm
Medium Temp. (0~50)℃
Resolution Conductivity: 0.01uS/cm, TDS:0.01ppm, Temp.: 0.1℃
Accuracy Conductivity: 1.5%(FS), Resistivity:2.0%(FS), TDS: 1.5%(FS), Temp.: +/-0.5℃
Temp. compensation (0-50)°C (with 25℃ as Standard)
Cable length ≤5m(MAX)
mA output Isolated (4~20)mA, Instrument / Transmitter for selection
Control Output relay contact: ON/OFF, Load capacity: AC 230V/5A(Max)
Working Environment Temp.(0~50)℃;Relative Humidity ≤85%RH (none condensation)
Storage Environment Temp.(-20~60)℃;Relative Humidity ≤85%RH (none condensation)
Power Supply CCT-3300:DC 24V; CCT-3310: AC 110V; CCT-3320: AC 220V
Dimension 48mmx96mmx80mm(HxWxD)
Hole Size 44mmx92mm(HxW)
Installation Panel mounted, fast installation

In addition to accuracy, the Lutron dissolved oxygen meter is also known for its durability and reliability. Aquaculture operations can be harsh environments, with exposure to water, chemicals, and other elements that can damage equipment. The Lutron dissolved oxygen meter is built to withstand these conditions, ensuring that it can continue to provide accurate measurements over an extended period of time.

Another benefit of using a Lutron dissolved oxygen meter in aquaculture operations is its ease of use. The device is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive controls and a clear display that makes it easy to read and interpret measurements. This ease of use allows aquaculture operators to quickly and efficiently monitor dissolved oxygen levels in their systems, saving time and effort.


Furthermore, the Lutron dissolved oxygen meter offers versatility in its applications. The device can be used in a variety of aquaculture systems, including fish farms, shrimp ponds, and recirculating aquaculture systems. This versatility makes it a valuable tool for aquaculture professionals working in different settings and with different species.

In conclusion, the Lutron dissolved oxygen meter is a valuable tool for aquaculture operations, offering accuracy, durability, ease of use, and versatility. By using this advanced device, aquaculture professionals can ensure optimal water quality for their aquatic organisms, leading to improved growth rates, health, and overall productivity. Investing in a Lutron dissolved oxygen meter is a wise decision for any aquaculture operation looking to enhance their water quality management practices and achieve success in their operations.

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